Healthier days with doctor preferred krill oil

Boost your Omega-3s, comfort your joints, sharpen your mind with the right supplement.

Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil
Antarctic Krill Oil

Antarctic Krill Oil


Doctor’s Recipes Antarctic Krill Oil, 60 Softgels 1000mg, DHA:EPA at 1:2 Perfect Ratio, 1.5mg Astaxanthin, Clean Extraction, No Fish Taste, Joint, Brain, Heart, Eye Health, Non-GMO, No Fish Gluten Soy

Krill Oil1,000 mgAnti-Inflammation + Joint + Blood Pressure + Heart + Brain + Cognition + Memory + Eye + Wellness
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pharma-grade, Omega-rich krill oil

Essential Omega-3s (DHA & EPA)

340 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per serving has been clinically shown to be good for immune, heart, brain, joint, bone, nerve, and eye health.*

45% Phospholipids

Our Omega-3s are carried by phospholipids - natural layers surround our cells, making them a natural fit to penetrate our cells and better utilized by the body.

Doctor's Recipes Magnesium Glycinate

Super Antioxidant Astaxanthin

1,500 mcg of Astaxanthin acts as antioxidants to help keep its Omega-3s naturally fresh and stable, while fighting free radicals.*

Naturally-Occurring Choline

In Krill Oil, choline in the form of phosphatidylcholine has been shown to be 12 times better in terms of raising blood choline levels than a choline salt.

High concentration of 340 mg Omega-3s brings great anti-inflammatory power to your achy, crunching knees, hips & shoulders.

Carried in phospholipids, our EPA/DHA at a perfect ratio 2:1 is easily utilized by your body, helping keep joints well-lubricated, reduce joint pain, encourage healthy cholesterol levels & blood pressure & promote sharper cognitive ability & better memory.

Personal Choices

Most Americans (up to 70%) are deficient in essential Omega-3s because they do not eat enough fish. Supplementing extra Omega-3s is of great significance for both cognitive and cardiovascular functions.* Krill oil is unquestionably the greater source of Omega-3s since it contains fewer impurities and is 2.5x more absorbable than fish oil.

Professional Solutions

Our Difference

  Best Krill Oil Supplement

  • 1,000 MG Pure, Fresh, Sustainable Krill Oil per Serving
  • Clinically Proven to Raise Omega-3 Index
  • 105 MG DHA & 210 MG EPA at Perfect 1:2 Ratio 
  • 2.5X More Absorbable with Phospholipids
  • 1,500 MCG Astaxanthin & Nutrient Choline
  • On-Boat, Solvent-Free Extraction
  • NO Fishy Aftertaste, NO Fishy Burps

our finest product


Pure & Fresh From Antarctica

 1) Our Omega-rich Oil is sustainably extracted from the fresh, raw krill in the icy, contaminant-free waters of Antarctica.

 2) Our advanced extraction ensures NO use of solvents or harsh chemicals.

 3) The on-vessel practice guarantees the whole process finishes within 2 hours, preserving the MAX freshness and potency.

2.5X More Absorbable
Than Fish Oil

Krill oil is a better source of Omega-3s because it provides EPA and DHA mainly in the form of phospholipids, raising the Omega-3 Index more efficiently.

No Fishy Aftertaste

To minimize leakage & oxidation and reduce fishy odor for a more pleasant, no-mess experience, we have made our krill oil:

 1) specially coated with the latest manufacturing technology

 2) extracted from krill wild harvested and freshly processed on our "Floating Factory"

 3) bound to phospholipids which blend easily in our stomach

superior omega-3 sources

Ultra Wellness

Our pharma-grade oil extracted from the fresh, tiny krill in the Antarctic features high-quality phospholipid-bound Omega-3s (DHA & EPA), astaxanthin, and choline, which work together to reduce the risk of coronary events, support brain health, promote joint comforts, provide building blocks for eye health, and lower oxidative levels.*

All the ingredients in our Krill Oil are present in naturally occurring levels
(NO added synthetic ones to elevate levels)

Regular Use

Take 2 softgels daily with a meal or glass of water, or as directed by a physician.


man profile

Michael M.

Verified Purchaser

Advised by my dr. Helps with my arthritis pain!
I used to take fish oil for my arthritis pain, but at the advice of my rheumatologist, switched to krill. The omega 3 in Doctor’s Recipes krill oil, is really potent - 340 mg omega 3s per serving. And the Astaxanthin is really high too 1.5g! Can you imagine that? Maybe it’s because of its potency, it really has reduced the inflammation in my joints, which has reduced my arthritis pain. The krill oil doesn't repeat on you at all, an issue I had with fish oil. It's also coated well, which makes it easy to swallow.

woman profile

Katherin G.

Verified Purchaser

Better than fish oil. More bioefficient. More effective

I like the Krill better personally. I find that they agree with me more and I have a better time digesting them with no "fish burps" or "fish aftertaste". Also, after a recent visit to the DR my blood work came back better after taking the Krill as opposed to when I was on Fish Oil. 

Juana R.

Verified Purchaser

Recommended by my heart doctor instead of more meds

I am not saying it is better for everyone to start taking Krill Oil or any other over the counter med instead of prescription, but it may not hurt to ask your doctors advice. On a recent visit to my heart doctor, he suggested that I might want to start taking Krill Oil instead of one of the prescription medications I was taking. Krill oil helps prevent inflammation in the body and  every single disease known to man begins with undetected inflammation.

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