ONE A Day for Full Body Wellness

Customized nutritional support for women's specific health needs.

ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin
ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin

ONE Daily Women's Multivitamin


Doctor’s Recipes Women’s One Daily Multivitamin, Vitamin A, C, D3 & Zinc for Immune Support, Vitamin E, K, Calcium & Magnesium for Energy, Anti-Aging, Bone, Muscle, Biotin, Folate, Great Forms, 90 Tabs

Vitamin A900 mcg RAEvision & cellular growth
Vitamin C
90 mgcollagen synthesis, immunity & wound healing
Vitamin D3
25 mcg (1000 IU)bones, muscles & immunity
Vitamin E
15 mg alpha-tocopherolin the form of natural d-alpha-tocopherol not synthetic dl-alpha-tocopherol
Vitamin K50 mcg
strong bones & heart health
Vitamin B11.2 mggrowth, development & function of cells
Vitamin B21.3 mgenergy & metabolism
Niacin16 mg NEin the flush-free form
Vitamin B62 mgas pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (P5P) for nervous system, mood & immunity
Folate612 mcg DEFas L-5-MTHF for heart, cell growth & function
Vitamin B126 mcgas methylcobalamin for energy, mood & stress
Biotin45 mcghair, nail & skin health
Pantothenic Acid5 mgenergy metabolism
Calcium200 mgbuild & maintain strong bones
Iron9 mgenergy, red blood cells formation
Iodine150 mcgproper thyroid function
Zinc10 mgmetabolism, skin & immunity 
Magnesium100 mgcardiovascular, muscle, sleep & stress
Selenium55 mcgcognition, heart & thyroid function
Copper0.9 mghealthy blood vessels & nerves, iron absorption
Manganese1.8 mgconnective tissues & bones
Chromium25 mcginsulin sensitivity & metabolism
Molybdenum45 mcgstrong antioxidants for cell protection
Potassium80 mgblood pressure & normal water balance
Choline11 mgmemory, mood & muscles 
Boron150 mcgbones, muscles & strong metabolism
Inositol10 mgimprove fertility in women with PCOS, mood enhancement & anxiety relief
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Women's Everyday Nutrition Companion

Premium Forms & Optimal Amounts

The comprehensive daily multivitamin is specially curated with important vitamins and minerals at 100 percentage DV or higher, including vitamins C, D3, E, K, biotin, B6, folate, B12, beta-carotene, calcium, magnesium and choline, in the forms your body prefers to meet women’s specific needs.

Gender Specific Formula Tailored for Women

We packed numerous carefully selected nutrients in their premium forms to help enhance immunity, rev up metabolism, support healthy aging, maintain bone and muscle strength, and increase overall energy production, among other benefits.

Easier Absorption for Best Multi System Support

Doctor’s Recipes Women's Multivitamin is expertly formulated with premium, active nutrition forms your body prefers and can be better absorbed for max advantages to your health. Featuring the active forms of vitamin A C D E and natural forms of B vitamins including folate B9 and Methyl B12, our formula brings you a customized nutritional support for your whole body wellness and helps supplement a range of nutritional gaps.

One A Day 

With your convenience in mind, we adopt the latest manufacturing technology to pack our advanced expert-recommended complete women's multivitamin in an easy-to-swallow tablet.

Personal Choices

Vitamin A: Beta-carotene/ retinol mix to support better eye health.

Vitamin D3: As natural cholecalciferol, identical to your body's own D3.

Vitamin E: As d-alpha tocopheryl succinate. Synthetic E has "dl"in it.


Doctor's Recipes Women's One Daily Multivitamin is a complete multivitamin designed with proper amounts of scientifically proven vitamins and minerals that the body can easily absorb to nourish and restore female vitality.

Professional Solutions

Our Difference

One Daily Complete Multivitamin for Women

  • Specially Designed for Women
  • Optimal Amounts of Vital Vitamins and Minerals
  • Premium Ingredients in the Forms Your Body Prefers
  • Customized Nutritional Support for You Whole Body Wellness


Melissa C.

Verified Purchase

High Quality & Clean Ingredients

Repeat buyer here! I needed a supplement that had folate instead of folic acid, and Doctor's Recipes had 612 mcg DFE of folate as active L-5-MTHF. Also I'm amazed at how much essential nutrients are packed in such a small tablet!

Jennifer H.

Verified Purchase

A good choice!

The choices of the forms of the vitamins and minerals are well thought. I feel like the vitamins and minerals are absorbed better than most as they are all in the natural and bioactive forms. It's the first vitamin I have tried that doesn’t make me sick. Highly recommend.

Rachel J.

Verified Purchase

High Quality Multi for Women

This is by far the best quality vitamin I have been able to find through my research. AND it's one a day. I took this brand's prenatal multi and then switched to the women’s multi.  I’m glad I have these and they work well for me. I'll continue to use them.